Renee Scarpino


My Specialties???

Cutting and coloring FINE and/or THIN hair

HELPING hair that has been damaged from overuse of chemicals and/or styling tools

Short haircuts for women

CONTINUING EDUCATION!! I am passionate about learning! I hope to be 80 and still on top of the new styles, trends, and techniques of the day.

I am a Certified Head Shape Matters Stylist ...a method of hair cutting that takes into account the shape of YOUR head along with a little geometry and physics to achieve a desired shape.

I am a Certified Tape -In Extension Stylist ...a method where your hair is sandwiched at the root in between two wefts of hair .

I am a Certified Illusion Method Stylist...a proprietary hand-sewn method developed by Jes Davis using luxurious hair from Silx Global. Check out why I have chosen this brand and method at